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Since 1 June 2016, this site is part of the mirror network for Sanesecurity, hosting and bandwidth kindly provided by Hostsuisse.

On this site, I am publishing some numbers and data depicting the activity of this mirror. Due to the round-robin DNS setup, the sanesecurity mirrors all receive approximately the same amount of traffic, so although my figures only cover this single mirror, I believe it is reasonable to extrapolate from them to get a picture of the overall situation.

Unique clients served in the last 8 months.

Update 2018/04/15

Up until now, I have been depicting the load on our mirror by looking at the number of daily requests. Initially this was the data of most interest to me. However, to get an idea of the usage of the Sanesecurity signatures, I have decided it is more interesting to look at the number of unique clients per day.

Based on a best squares fit of the data for the last 8 months, the usage shrinks by 45 clients per day (this number is updated once a day).

Detailed statistics over the last 30 days (updated daily), and how to best time your rsync

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